Student Ministry Track

The Student Ministry Track focuses on creating a solid foundation for students to be able to step into any church setting and feel equipped to lead a solid student ministry. Courses will focus on how to establish a student ministry vision, team structures, event brainstorming and implementation. In the process, students will develop leadership skills, the ability to plan and execute vision and events, team building skills, and communication abilities.

Track Classes

In addition to the core curriculum, the student ministry track includes the following classes to prepare you for real-world ministry.

Student Ministry Foundations 1

A course to introduce the basics of Student Ministry. Classes will mainly cover how to first establish a student ministry. Course will cover how to solidify a ministry vision and team and build into actual service and series creation and implementation. Student Ministry Foundations 1 will answer these questions: “How critical is a Student Ministry vision?” “How do you recruit and train a team?” “How do go from service/series idea to night of execution?” and “How does care, follow-up and communication play into service planning?”

Student Ministry Foundations 2

A continuation of Student Ministry Foundations 1. Classes will cover how environments, groups, and outreach can make the difference between a “good” student ministry and a “great” student ministry. Student Ministry Foundations 2 will answer these questions: “What do you do with students before/during/after a message?" "How do permanent vs. portable facilities affect environments?" "What makes an enjoyable environment for students and how do you decide what environments you need?" "What makes a healthy group?" "What are the best ways to go after students outside of an event night?" and "How do you connect and follow up with new students?”

Track Experiences

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