Applicable teaching and hands-on ministry experience.

Our program is broken up into two parts—core curriculum and ministry tracks. The core curriculum includes classes and experiences that we believe are valuable for anyone training for ministry, regardless of their future ministry role. Ministry tracks are specific classes and experiences that are designed to equip students for a particular area of interest.

Core Curriculum

Basic Christian Beliefs

A course designed to introduce students to the foundations of the Christian faith. Using a systematic approach, students will learn the basics and non-negotiables of the Christianity and see how theology is both personal and practical, helping us understand that what we believe affects how we live.

Basic Christian Issues

This course introduces students to common issues they will face in ministry. With topics ranging from church methods to hot-button cultural issues, students will be taught how to navigate ministry in our complex world by searching the Scripture and thinking critically.

Communication 1

This course is devoted to helping students lead in ministry by teaching them how to communicate effectively through written, interpersonal, organizational, digital, and public communication.

Health In Ministry 1

A course designed to help students pursue a lifelong call to healthy ministry by first understanding their identity in Christ. A right view of God and how he views us is pivotal to forming a biblically-based, Christ-centered identity. In this class we'll look to correct some of our distorted views of who God says we are, so that we can in turn help lead others to do the same.

Health In Ministry 2

A course designed to help students pursue a lifelong call to healthy ministry by giving them practical teaching on emotional, financial, and physical health.

Leadership 1

A course devoted to teaching students how to lead well in ministry by helping them learn fundamental leadership character.

Leadership 2

Building on what they learned about character in Leadership 1, students will gain insight on how to lead well by learning fundamental leadership practices.

Spiritual Growth

This course is aimed at helping students close the gap between what they’ve learned and how they live. Through the lens of abiding in Christ, students will learn how spiritual disciplines like prayer, reading the Bible, practicing confession, taking a Sabbath, and living in community can bring about a change of heart that leads to a change in actions.

Survey of the Bible 1

A course designed to give students a foundational knowledge of the Bible. Though it's in two parts, the Bible tells one unified story that we have to be familiar with if we're going to be able to share its good news. Hindsight has its advantages, and in this class we'll look back to learn more about the major themes and personalities found in the story of the Old Testament, as well as look forward to see how they fit into the story of God's plan for redemption as a whole.

Survey of the Bible 2

A course designed to give students a foundational knowledge of the Bible. Though the Bible is in two parts, it tells one unified story that we have to be familiar with if we're going to be able to share its good news. In this course, we'll look to gain a basic understanding of the story of the New Testament and how it explains God's plan for redemption as a whole.

Core Experiences

All Staff

Students are invited to attend All Staff meetings alongside NewSpring Church Staff.  These meetings happen via video weekly and once a month live at the Anderson Campus. During these meetings, students will learn about passion, vision and leadership from NewSpring Church leaders.


A weekly forum focusing on leadership and character development. During this time, current NewSpring Church leaders will share their experiences in ministry with students to help them gain insight into becoming leaders worth following.

Community Group

Gender-specific groups that meet weekly in order to cultivate genuine community through connection, support, and accountability.

Weekly Workout

Students will participate in a weekly workout at a local gym. Workouts will be included in the weekly schedule, and all NewSpring Leadership College students will participate together to build community and accountability. Workouts will be tailored to fit a student’s individual needs.


A monthly worship time that is entirely student-led and is designed to refresh our students’ spirits and help fix their eyes on Jesus.


Life of Jesus

This course focuses on various aspects of Jesus’ life and ministry. The goal of this class is to help students gain a clearer picture of who Jesus is so they can follow Him better.

Ministry Tracks

Ministry tracks are groupings of classes and experiences intentionally designed to equip students for a specific area of ministry. Currently, we offer 2 ministry tracks, and every student at NewSpring Leadership College will elect to be a part of one track.

Ministry Leadership Track

The Ministry Leadership Track is designed to prepare students for leadership in ministry even if they are not certain of where they want to land in ministry one day. Students in this track will be taught leadership principles that can be applied across many different areas of ministry.

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Student Ministry Track

The Student Ministry Track focuses on creating a solid foundation for students to be able to step into any church setting and feel equipped to lead a solid student ministry. Courses will focus on how to establish a student ministry vision, team structures, event brainstorming and implementation. In the process, students will develop leadership skills, the ability to plan and execute vision and events, team building skills, and communication abilities.

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